New World Fishing Bot

Welcome to Macrosensei ! With our New World fishing bot, you can enjoy playing without the fear of getting banned. Say goodbye to the worries of violating game rules or risking your progress

Full footage of the bot

It shows a berief video of how it works and what to expect

What It Is, and What It Is Not

I have been using and developing this fishing bot for approximately 8 months. The bot operates similarly to human behavior and utilizes an image recognition system. Essentially, it mimics your mouse and keyboard actions for fishing, without engaging in any hacking activities towards the game.

You can earn triple the money you pay if your bot setup is good just by fishing and selling , or you can use on boring fishing activities or you don’t have to calculate hotspot fishing everytime or leveling up or all the stuff related to fishing basically, just press start and go make yourself a coffee and it already caught around 10 fish 🙂

It’s important to note that while using the bot, you will not be able to multitask on your PC . It will use your mouse and keyboard for fishing as you do , so alt+tab or any interruption will break the bot and you have to restart again and let the bot work itself

The bot does not inject anything into the game, preventing you from being flagged as “hacking the game”. However, there is still a possibility of getting banned. This is because performing a continuous fishing action like 1000 times in a single day is not humanly possible. Exceeding the fishing limit at one go significantly increases the chances of being added to New World’s ban list.

Having experienced bans in the past a couple times, but free from the eyes for months while 7/24 fishing 🙂 , I have learned how to avoid them and understand the methods the game employs to identify bot usage. This bot includes numerous functions and systems designed to prevent getting banned. To gain a clear understanding of its functionality and usage, I recommend watching all the videos of the bot.

How to setup

  • The program has a key activation system. To use the program, you will need to purchase a key. After downloading the program, you will create a New World fishing bot account and enter the purchased key. This will grant you 30 days of usage for your account.
  • Before starting the fishing bot make sure you are on windowed mode on New World otherwise it will not work.
  • Start the bot on “Run as administrator” mode
  • All window sizes supported but recommending to use it in 1600×900 or 1440×900 if you have encounter with issues on a spesific window size. try to change to diffirent one .
  • Before starting the bot you should set a waypoint on the map to direction you are fishing to (it is all explained in the videos)
  • You need to be in the game before start the bot.
  • After clicking start on the bot New World window will come to front and it will start in a couple seconds
  • If you mess up and bot overtakes use “ctrl+alt+del” to terminate the bot
  • To prevent bans and other issues, I recommend watching tutorial videos that demonstrate how to use the bot effectively.

How to use the bot

This video shows how to use fishing bot with the basic settings.

How to use Hotspot fishing

This video shows how to use the hotspot fishing feature in the bot

How to use Switch Characters

This feature is important if you want to fish constantly use “switch characters” function , it is basically using 2 chars. to fish.

if you want to fish with one or two char., you must never go over 400-500 fishing in one time , you should give a break to that char at least 3 hours after that you can fish another 400-500 otherwise you will get banned soon, if you enable switch char. and set fishing limit to 400 one char will go cooldown by not being online and other one will fish and viceversa.

Download and Purchase a key

You need to buy a 30 days bot time, download , create a account , activate the purchased key then fish all day